Nicole Kidman has signed on to produce and star in Headhunters, playing one of four gold-digging New Jersey bachelorettes who seek husbands among the high rollers in Monte Carlo. For those keeping score, this is the fourth movie deal attached to Kidman in the last two months, including another single-gal-on-the-make movie called The Bachelorette Party, as well as two thrillers: Wong Kar-Wai’s spy thriller A Lady from Shanghai and the Invasion of the Body Snatchers update The Visiting. Add to those a voiceover role in Happy Feet (an animated musical about penguins) and her starring role as Diane Arbus in the recently filmed biopic Fur, and it looks like we’ll be getting a glut of Kidman product over the next two years.

Is Kidman risking overexposure? Given the lukewarm responses The Stepford Wives and Bewitched, are audiences really that eager to see her in comedies? Or do the genre movies and art-house pictures on her slate offer her a better shot at connecting with moviegoers?

addCredit(“Nicole Kidman: Jennifer Graylock/AP”)