The Full Monty
Credit: The Full Monty: The Kobal Collection

Not a lot of creativity out there this week, people! Harumph!

The correct answer is: In each film, the protagonist gets fired, which is the catalyst for the film’s plot (in the case of The Full Monty, left, it was straight from the unemployment office to stripping). You can leave your hat on indeed! No, really… leave your hat and, uh, everything else on too.

You don’t have to be a star, baby, to be in my show, but since so few of you got it right this week, we’re going to mention you all by name:

STARRING (in alphabetical order)

Michael Barrick

Brandon Catanzariti

Enrique Fernandez


Shari Lampert

James Stanley

Gary Taieb


Paul Secrest and Paolo Guttadauro as the PopWatch Bullies

Yes, the dynamic duo is back for more rough-housing (“we had to wrack our brains for like an entire 23 seconds,” they wrote). Bonus points for, um, getting the right answer this week. They even signed their email “the thorns in your side,” which I think means they totally love me. Aw. (Note to self: Pick up dry cleaning. File restraining order. Floss.)

Stay tuned for another HeadScratcher (I’m trying for más difícil this week) on Friday!

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