What if Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s wedding on Saturday, which PopWatch and everybody else reported on, was an elaborate hoax on the media, something for the next season premiere of Punk’d? That’s the assertion made by John B. Myers, in an e-mail he sent to us and to several other media outlets. He claims to have proof, appending what he says is an e-mail from Punk’d producer Jason Goldberg to a group of people (including Myers, Moore’s publicist, and various Kutcher associates) with details of the alleged hoax plans. You can read the text of the e-mail Myers sent to the media, including what he says is the e-mail he received from Goldberg, at Jossip.

Of course, Myers could also be trying to punk the media. He is, after all, the registered owner of, a website purporting to contain voicemail messages hacked from Kutcher’s phone. But Kutcher’s publicist has said the voice messages are fake. Meanwhile, Myers is claiming that he isn’t affiliated with the site; he told the New York Daily News yesterday that hackers registered it in his name without his knowledge. Even if Myers isn’t affiliated with ashtonhacked, it’s hard to understand why Goldberg would have e-mailed him about the alleged wedding hoax. If Myers has some other connection to Kutcher or Moore, it isn’t apparent. PopWatch responded to his e-mail, asking for more info — though we sure aren’t going to pay for it. He has yet to respond.

For what its worth, PopWatch’s inside sources tell us that they believe the wedding was genuine. MTV told PopWatch that there is an upcoming season of Punk’d, but there’s no date yet set for the premiere. That makes Myers’ story even more dubious; how could the pranksters hope to keep the wedding fakery a secret for an indefinite period of time until a premiere that could be months away?

What do you think, readers? Who’s trying to punk us: Kutcher and Moore? Myers? None of the above?