Desperate Housewives
Credit: Desperate Housewives: Vivian Zink

-Sunday night will prove a marathon for your TiVo. For one thing, there are no fewer than 11 season premieres, including Desperate Housewives (left), Grey’s Anatomy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sunday newcomer The West Wing, and Ricky Gervais’ much-anticipated new post-Office comedy Extras. Plus, there are some noteworthy specials, like CBS’ movie Martha: Behind Bars (c’mon, you know you want to see Cyblll Shepherd in a jumpsuit as M. Diddy), and Flightplan star Jodie Foster’s visit to Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, 8 p.m.), where James Lipton will reportedly persuade her to discuss, for the first time in memory, that whole awful John Hinckley mess. Entertainment Weekly’s guide to the evening’s TV lineup is here.

-Get ready for PBS’ airing of Martin Scorsese’s marathon-length No Direction Home (airing on PBS Sept. 26 and 27) by boning up on your Bob Dylan. Fill the gaps in your collection with the help of EW’s Bob Dylan 101 primer and’s guide to Dylan’s own favorite singers.

-Revisit Elvis Costello’s career via his video anthology The Right Spectacle: The Very Best of Elvis Costello: The Videos. Follow along with 27 videos as Elvis himself delivers commentary. EW’s Chris Willman gives this DVD an A-.

-In Separate Lies (now in limited release in theaters), Tom Wilkinson’s best bid for an Oscar since In the Bedroom, the actor runs a grueling emotional gamut. This twisty British drama from Oscar-winning Gosford Park screenwriter Julian Fellowes gets an A- from EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum, who’s astonished by Wilkinson’s ”ability to convey weakness and strength, hypocrisy and gallantry, cruelty and compassion in the same male animal.”

-Julie Powell set herself a seemingly impossible task: In the space of one year, cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, all in a tiny Brooklyn kitchen and on a secretary’s salary. Now she’s turned her blog about the project into a book, Julie & Julia (Little, Brown), which gets an A from EW’s Clarissa Cruz and Paul Katz for being ”spirited and funny” and leaving readers ”hungry for more.”