''Lost'' premiere opens new mystery -- Emmy winner's hatch raising brings surprises, a new face, and more questions

For those who guessed ”a serum-injecting guy named Desmond” in answer to Lost‘s ”What’s in the hatch?” cliff-hanger, maybe you should be picking lottery numbers, too…if you dare. Feeling satisfied yet bewildered by the season 2 premiere? That was the goal, says co-creator Damon Lindelof: ”We wanted to give answers…. But, yes, more questions are planted as a result.” According to exec producer Carlton Cuse, the decision to place a person in the bunker was made last season when the hatch was introduced, and is grounded in Lost‘s policy of linking island mythology to its castaways. To that end, Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick), who’s connected to Jack’s (Matthew Fox) pre-crash past, fleshes out the doc’s story and fuels his reason-versus-faith rift with Locke (Terry O’Quinn). But that doesn’t explain how Des got into the hatch, much less its computers and supermagnetic properties. (Lindelof suggests studying Desmond’s mural for clues…or waiting patiently for him to share what he knows on Oct. 5.) Still, he’s banking that fans will dig the guessing games. ”I don’t think the audience wants us to take away their ability to play along,” Lindelof says. ”Then again, they may not realize how much they like it until we take it away.”