So that’s why he’s been sporting a faux hawk! Offering further proof that he’s not just a cuddly Hobbit, Elijah Wood is in talks to play punk godfather Iggy Pop in a planned biopic for producer Ted Hope (American Splendor). ”It’ll probably happen some time next year,” says Frodo — er, Wood. ”It chronicles Iggy’s life through the Iguanas, the Stooges, up until his first solo record. And being a huge fan of Iggy…it scares the s— out of me.”

Start spreadin’ the news! Liza Minnelli is developing a musical set in New York, Nneeww Yoooork, with producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, whose many credits include 2002’s Chicago and the restored version of Minnelli’s 1972 TV special Liza With a ‘Z’ (airing on Showtime in 2006). ”I find myself moving more into my father’s [director Vincente] world,” Minnelli explains. ”I think that’s where I will end up. I have ideas for lots of things. You know, it’s that terrible, bad T-shirt: ‘I want to direct.’ That’s not it! I want to create!”

South African drama Tsotsi is attracting interest from U.S. distributors after winning the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Other domestic pickups from the latter half of the fest: girls’ basketball doc The Heart of the Game to Miramax; bio-doc a/k/a Tommy Chong to THINKFilm; and Emily Watson-Gabriel Byrne Swaziland-set drama Wah-Wah to Roadside Attractions. Sony Pictures Classics bought actor-director Tommy Lee Jones’ The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, which earned him a Best Actor prize at Cannes. ”It’s not easy to make a deal with us,” Jones grunted. ”Maybe if we had a weaker product, we’d make an easier deal. But I’m pleased that we have a good deal with the right people.”


Who needs a stinkin’ Sex and the City movie when there is literature to create? ”I’m writing a book called Everything I Ever Learned About Being a Girl for young women from the ages of 12 to 21, the formative years,” says former HBO vixen Kim Cattrall. So what’s lesson No. 1? ”You’ve gotta read the book!”