The comedic actress sounds off on voice-overs and the importance of butt jokes

By Mandi Bierly
September 23, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jennifer Coolidge has been working her tail off with roles in the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy Click, the Paul Weitz satire American Dreamz, and the Meet the Fockers parody Date Movie (she’s Barbra Streisand to Fred Willard’s Dustin Hoffman). But before she starts shooting Christopher Guest’s For Your Consideration — and worrying about staying straight-faced opposite costar Ricky Gervais — the Joey actress hails her gloriously large booty in Robots.

You adored Aunt Fanny. Sometimes you’ll read a script and be blown away by some character, then you find out they want you to play someone else. This was dream-come-true. I just loved that this big, round behind got to be me.

In one commentary, there’s a debate about whether a movie can have too many butt jokes. I feel like you can’t get enough butt jokes in, especially for kids. But sometimes my humor lacks sophistication. I gave this very serious monologue for Best in Show, about how I liked my 90-year-old husband but the real joy was changing his diapers. None of it saw the light of day.

Voice-over can be creative, but it can get lonely, too. I did all the fart sounds I could — like different octaves of different farts — but it was just me, alone in the dark, making the fart sounds myself.

Is there a voice you’re dying to do? I do a very old, worn-out Brazilian hooker’s voice. So hopefully, I’ll get cast in something along that line. I’d love to do my Brazilian hooker in a movie.