Bones, David Boreanaz

Is Tuesday about to rival Thursday as the most competitive night on network TV?

My Name Is Earl looks like a much-needed sitcom hit for NBC, premiering strongly two nights ago with about 15 million viewers and taking a bite out of Fox’s House and a nibble out of the WB’s Supernatural. Next week, the competition should be even fiercer, with ABC’s Commander in Chief and CBS’ The Amazing Race joining the 9 p.m. timeslot war. Add Fox’s new sorta-hit Bones (starring David Boreanaz, left) and CBS’ increasingly popular NCIS at 8, plus new 10 p.m. rivals Boston Legal (ABC) and Law & Order: SVU (NBC), and you’ve got a real TiVo-confounding night of programming.

Readers, what will you be watching on Tuesdays?