If you thought Being Bobby Brown was proof positive of the decline of Western civilization, just be glad you’re not living in Europe.

Hot on the heels of the sperm-donor drama I Want Your Child And Nothing Else!, and a Big Brother-style program involving the slaughter of innocent goats, comes a new Dutch talk show called Spuiten & Slikken (Shoot Up and Swallow). Roving reporter Filemon Wesselink plans to smoke heroin, take LSD (under his mom’s supervision), and even get trashed on a pub crawl (how quaint!) for taped segments of the program, which will look at drug use and abuse across the country.

Do you see a day when a show like this could hit U.S. airwaves? Or does it simply cross a line that Americans won’t tolerate? Then again, if six episodes of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic didn’t raise your hackles, what exactly would it take for you to just say no?