Woody Guthrie
Credit: Woody Guthrie: Redfern/Retna

Why Dylan’s a fan of Woody Guthrie

In Dylan’s Words ”Woody made each word count. He painted with words. That along with his stylized type singing, the way he phrased, the dusty cowpoke deadpan but amazingly serious and melodic sense of delivery, was like a buzzsaw in my brain and I tried to emulate it in any way I could. A lot of folks might have thought of Woody’s songs as backdated, but not me. I felt they were totally in the moment, current and even forecasted things to come.”

Let Us Explain If someone compiled a Great American Folk Songbook for the first half of the 20th century, Woody Guthrie’s name would be stamped smack-dab across the cover. Many of his songs remain genre standards to do this day, including ”Hard Travelin’,” ”Pretty Boy Floyd,” and the timeless, more-relevant-by-the-day ”This Land Is Your Land.”

Suggested Spin Dust Bowl Ballads (Buddha, 1964), his striking first-hand account of Southwestern migrant workers struggling in the Dust Bowl

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