(1938- )
''Spider'' John Koerner
Credit: Spider John: John Byrne Cooke/www.cookephoto.com

Why Dylan’s a fan of ”Spider” John Koerner

In Dylan’s Words ”Koerner was tall and thin with a look of perpetual amusement on his face. We hit it off right away… When he spoke he was soft spoken, but when he sang he became a field holler shouter.”

Let Us Explain Dubbed ”Spider” because of his long, skinny legs and arms, Koerner (above right, performing with Tony Glover in 1965) performs searing folk tunes and traditional country blues, captured brilliantly on the American classics cover album, Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Been.

Suggested Spin Nobody Knows… (Red House, 1986), for its flawless renditions of ”Cotton Eyed Joe,” ”The Roving Gambler,” and others

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