Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash
Credit: Johnny Cash: Gene Baley/AP

Why Dylan’s a fan of Johnny Cash

In Dylan’s Words ”Johnny didn’t have a piercing yell, but ten thousand years of culture fell from him. He could have been a cave dweller. He sounds like he’s at the edge of the fire, or in the deep snow, or in a ghostly forest, the coolness of conscious obvious strength, full tilt and vibrant with danger.”

Let Us Explain With a strum of his guitar, flick of his middle finger, or blink of his fiery eyes, The Man in Black (above right, performing with June Carter in 1968) brought an immediate sense of danger to country music — often sympathizing with or actually becoming the American Outlaw in his songs. But his rich baritone also revealed a gentle holy man, at times singing from his mother’s book of psalms.

Suggested Spin At Folsom Prison (Columbia/Legacy, 1968), which captures Cash at his peak of coolness; also one of the all-time greatest live albums

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