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Daniel Lanois
Credit: Daniel Lanois: Mike Cassese/CP/AP

Why Dylan’s a fan of Daniel Lanois

In Dylan’s Words ”One thing about Lanois that I liked is that he didn’t want to float on the surface. He didn’t even want to swim. He wanted to jump in and go deep. He wanted to marry a mermaid… He could have done anything to make a song happen — empty the pans, wash dishes, sweep the floors. It didn’t matter. All that mattered to him was getting that certain something and I understood that.”

Let Us Explain As a producer, Lanois has gotten that ”certain something” from Dylan several times, including two spot-on ”comeback” albums (1989’s Oh Mercy and 1997’s Time Out of Mind). He also squeezed some of the best work from such smalltime artists as Brian Eno, U2, and Peter Gabriel, while also turning out some spacious, evocative solo albums.

Suggested Spin For the Beauty of Wynona (1993, Warner Bros.), a slow-burning solo project that’s perfect for brittle, chilly fall months

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