The Producers (Movie - 2005)
Credit: THE PRODUCERS: Andrew Schwartz

Two hot new trailers:

The Producers I squealed (with laughter) on a couple of occasions watching the trailer for the big-screen version of Mel Brooks’ hit Broadway musical. I knowthose jokes are juvenile — ”Even though we’re sitting down, we’regiving you a standing ovation” — but it still looks like a winner tome. Bonus points: Uma as Ulla and Will Ferrell as deranged playwright Franz Liebkind.

Flightplan Okay, so I don’t like spoilers, but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind getting a big, shteaming plate of plot details before you fill up on a whole movie, then you might enjoy this seven-minute clip from Jodie Foster’s new thriller, available at I shut it off after three minutes. Not just because it was giving away too much story line for my tastes, but I also don’t care to squeal like a fourth-grade girl in front of all my coworkers. I mean, any more.

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