As Six Feet Under‘s series finale proved last month, there’s great TV drama in death. Of course, for fans of ABC’s Alias, Showtime’s Fat Actress, and adorable goats, that’s a highly subjective matter.

-(If you don’t like spoilers, skip to the next paragraph.)

-Apparently, J.J. Abrams was serious when he said backstage at the Emmys that he respects and listens to the noisy Internet consensus of zealous Alias (and Lost) fans. The show’s creator, who has been barraged by angry emails over rumors that main character Michael Vaughn (far left, played by Michael Vartan) was getting killed off early this season, tells TV Guide columnist Michael Ausiello that ”when I said at the beginning of the year that [Vaughn] is back this season, I wasn’t lying. So, in the way that Alias does things that you might not expect — in a way that you might not expect — it’s typical of that.” In other words, says Abrams, stay tuned, and try not to dump the Haterade on series star Jennifer Garner (near left).

-Another rumored TV casualty, Kirstie Alley’s reality-sitcom hybrid Fat Actress, is also still alive, but could be kicking the bucket due to the star’s recent 50-pound weight loss — and massive viewership loss after its first two episodes — according to the cover story in this week’s People.

-And a Croatian reality series called Stado, which wrapped last weekend, may have taken the Grim Reaper’s dramatic presence a bit too far. The show brought together a herd of seven goats, then let viewers decide which ones to ”vote out,” a possible euphemism for slaughter. Of course, the winner (apparently a goat named Josip) will have poetry written in his honor.

Okay, folks, I can handle the demise of Fat Actress, and even the fictitious Michael Vaughn (yes, fangirls and boys, he’s not a real person), but little Veselka, that goes way beyond my boundaries of personal taste. What’s your take?