John Stamos
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John Stamos (left), who’d been rumored to be joining the cast of ER before ABC renewed Jake in Progress, will instead have a two-episode guest arc as a medic this fall on the NBC drama, since Jake doesn’t start up again until January. His character is described as a flirtatious paramedic, a veteran of the Gulf War (the first one), and a medical student (apparently, a fairly old one).

-All that talk on the Emmy stage by the Everybody Loves Raymond cast about a possible spinoff for Brad Garrett’s character Robert Barone wasn’t a joke. CBS is actually close to a deal for the long-rumored spinoff, according to the New York Times. Much of the old team would return, including Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, many Raymond writers, Robert’s TV wife Amy (Monica Horan, who’s also Mrs. Rosenthal off-screen), and Amy’s family (Fred Willard, Georgia Engel, and Chris Elliott).

-Are you a star with legal or drug problems or both? Turn your travails into a celebreality show. After Bobby Brown, Danny Bonaduce, and now Lil’ Kim, the latest hopefuls are Robert Blake and Tom Sizemore. ”It’d be me going around to cafés and poolrooms and places to talk to people about what’s important in their lives,” Blake says of his proposed show. Sizemore’s series, which would be called Super Sizemore (somewhere, Morgan Spurlock is kicking himself) contains footage of himself that he’s been shooting over the past couple years, chronicling his struggles with sobriety, probation, and fatherhood. So far, no takers yet for either show.

-Peter Berg will update his movie Friday Night Lights into a an NBC drama series about a small-town football coach, set in the present day.

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