He’s movin’ on up, to a dee-luxe apartment with half a dozen other semi-famous folks. Sherman Hemsley (a.k.a. George Jefferson) is among the stars of the sixth season of VH1’s The Surreal Life, debuting in January. Rooming with Hemsley will be Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille, Smashmouth frontman Steve Harwell, Whitesnake video babe Tawny Kitaen (left), Playboy TV hostess Andrea Lowell, and celebrity sibling and drag performer Alexis Arquette (best remembered as the Boy George lookalike/soundalike in The Wedding Singer).

Also aboard is Carol Brady — er, Florence Henderson, billed as ”full time and on-call therapist/advisor” and ”special guest star” (I’m guessing this means she’s not living in the house with the others.)

Is it me, or does there seem to be a lack of variety in the cast? Arquette (he’s younger than Rosanna and Patricia, older than David) looks like the only real wild card in a group that includes two rockers, two ’70s sitcom parents, and two MAWs (Model/Actress/Whatevers). Where’s this season’s Janice Dickinson-Omarosa battle going to come from? On the other hand, the acknowledgement that this cast even needs a ”full time and on-call therapist/advisor” suggests the promise of fireworks. Cross your fingers.

What do you think of this Surreal Life cast?

addCredit(“Tawny Kitaen: Amy Graves/WireImage”)