What’s the best foreign movie you haven’t seen? That’d be 2004’s twisty-turny drama Infernal Affairs. Claire Danes was so impressed that she’s just signed on for IA codirector Andrew Lau’s first American flick, The Flock. ”My character [who’s a federal agent] is about to replace Richard Gere’s character because he’s ‘retiring,’ a.k.a. being fired,” says Danes. ”He has an unorthodox method of getting information from sex offenders — he really empathizes with them to become aware of their thought process — and during these two weeks [of training], we share an intimacy and rescue each other literally, but emotionally too.”

Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder has been a busy boy. In addition to playing sidekick to Rob Schneider and David Spade in The Benchwarmers and to Billy Bob Thornton in School for Scoundrels, as well as having a minor role in Just Like Heaven, the gyrating dynamo will headline Mama’s Boy, an indie comedy about a spoiled brat none too pleased with his single mom’s new beau. Righteous!

Though he’s only coming aboard as an executive producer, Super Size Me star — and product of a family of educators — Morgan Spurlock is high on Class Act, a Sundance-bait doc about America’s arts-education crisis. ”It follows a teacher in Florida who has had a really incredible base of students, including Andy Garcia and Brett Ratner, and using this guy as the anchor, the film explores what’s going on in the rest of the country.”

Laurence Fishburne has a confession to make: ”I’m not a gamer!” says the Matrix star, who — along with Mariska Hargitay and Mickey Rourke — lends his velvety tenor to Activision’s True Crime: New York City. ”I really said yes to the game because I love [voice-over costar] Christopher Walken,” admits Fishburne. ”I did a movie with him [1990’s King of New York] almost 15 years ago and figured, Christopher Walken, gangsters, New York — let’s do that.”

(With additional reporting by Geoff Keighley)