David Spade, The Showbiz Show With David Spade
Credit: David Spade: Ian White

My quick reaction to last night’s premiere: The first five minutes of The Showbiz Show with David Spade, which ape the host’s old ”Hollywood Minute” routine with a set of quick-hit news items, were funny. The rest of the show was a drag but had potential.

Timeliness is going to be a problem; it’s already too late to be making fun of the MTV Video Music Awards, the Rolling Stones tour, and Samuel L. Jackson’s The Man. Instead of long, stale pre-produced segments, this weekly program going to have to either rely more on Spade in the studio or do segments from the field that don’t have a sell-by date, like the ones on The Daily Show.

I do like Spade’s burn-all-my-bridges willingness to make fun of absolutely everybody in entertainment; there’s apparently no one who’s not fair game, including the host himself, who was the butt of several jokes during the half-hour. Even so, that much self-parody ultimately becomes a form of self-congratulation; people are tuning in to see you make fun of showbiz, not to see you make fun of you.

There’s plenty of material out there, Spade (believe me, here at PopWatch, we know). Look into it.

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