Taking the temperature of pop culture -- we rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

100°F The Exorcism of Emily Rose racks up $30.1 million, eclipsing The Exorcism of FEMA’s Michael Brown.

80°F Jacko’s upcoming hurricane single with Mariah, Babyface, and R. Kelly is a sure hit. At least on Radio Bahrain.

60°F Maury Povich signed a new contract that’ll keep Maury on air for a few more years. Wait, Maury Povich has a TV show?

40°F Amid jeers about governmental ties and a fire-ant invasion, Hong Kong Disneyland opens. Smiles, everyone, smiles!

20°F Trumped by The Smoking Gun: Apprentice contestant and ex-pole dancer allegedly inspired three murders.

0°F The Sensitivity Booby Prize goes to Venom, a Louisiana Bayou slasher pic out Sept. 16, two weeks post-Katrina.