Reese Witherspoon’s new romantic comedy is, um, heaven-sent for movie reviewers and their headline-writing editors. A lot of critics were creeped out by Just Like Heaven‘s premise (Witherspoon plays a comatose doctor who romances her apartment’s new tenant, Mark Ruffalo, via astral projection), but many didn’t mind just because the actress is so darn cute and sweet. So, in addition to the expected wordplay on ”heaven,” ”spirit,” ”dead,” and the like, there were several critics who resorted instead to sugar puns and metaphors. Thankfully, no one turned to Dante and called the film a divine comedy.

  • Giving up the ghost:
  • Miami Herald: Actors give this romantic comedy a ghost of a chance
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: Ghostly Witherspoon can’t save the ghastly ‘Heaven’

‘Dead’ ringers:
Christian Science Monitor: Witherspoon proves romance isn’t dead
New Times: Death Warmed Over: Romance is alive… and dead in Just Like Heaven
Buffalo News: Dead Weight

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