It's All Gone Pete Tong

The marketing scam behind It’s All Gone Pete Tong, a bogus British ”biopic,” should win a special Oscar for Best Con Job. When it opened, it was sold as the true-life story of the legendary Frankie Wilde, a superstar nightclub DJ in Ibiza in the ’90s who went stone-deaf, had coke-fueled hallucinations about giant stuffed bears, then reconquered the scene by sobering up and learning to ”hear” music with his feet. It sure seemed authentic — the film’s documentary-style interviews with bona fide DJs like Paul Tong (no relation to the title) made it all the more convincing — but, of course, no such dude ever existed. Turns out, though, it doesn’t matter. This funky hipster fairy tale about a modern-day Beethoven (comedian Paul Kaye even has the hair for the part) works whether unspooled as fact or fiction. Like Trainspotting, it’s as perversely amusing as it is genuinely harrowing — and it’s got a much more danceable soundtrack.

EXTRAS A lazy effort. The usual making-of featurette and actor interviews, but nothing on the most interesting bit — how they cooked up the bogus-biopic hoax. No commentaries, either.

It's All Gone Pete Tong
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