Ah, New York Fashion Week: The celebrity-filled shows, the rooftop afterparties, the constant flow of high-end champagne….and the latest offerings from Wal-Mart? It may seem unlikely, but while the fashion flock click-clacked their stilettoed way to Marc Jacobs downtown, EW settled in at Times Square Studios for a runway show (sponsored by ElleGirl and Wal-Mart) featuring former America’s Next Top Model contestants. Toccara, Eva, Naima and Co. gamely tried to make their synthetic-looking ensembles seem chic, but it was a long way from Coutureville. Luckily, things perked up a bit at the show’s finale, where Project Runway alums Austin Scarlett and Kara Saun revisited their first-episode grocery store challenge and created two evening gowns using only inorganic materials from, you guessed it, Wal-Mart. We would have loved to see Anna Wintour’s reaction to that.