Jeff Probst
Credit: Jeff Probst: Bill Inoshita

Survivor‘s back tonight for its 11th go-’round, but stalwart host Jeff Probst tells New York’s Daily News he’s not sure he’ll stay with the show beyond its yet-to-be-filmed 12th edition. Not that he wants to be the ”David Caruso of reality,” he explains. ”I’m not an idiot. But six years of being away, it does sometimes make you think. …Signing another long-term deal would be hard, just hard. I want to start a family.”

Which raises the inevitable question: If Probst goes on to less scorching, mosquito-infested pastures, who in the heck would make an acceptable replacement? It’d have to be somebody who loves and understands the game, but isn’t afraid of asking a tough question — or getting close to a pungent local ”delicacy.”

Let’s see here. Kathy Griffin’s been involved in her share of lame reality shows, but as she’s proven with her E! red-carpet duties, she thrives on making folks squirm. Another offbeat choice might be Ted Koppel. After years of serious journalistic work on Nightline, the guy might enjoy ditching the suit and tie and focusing on something totally frivolous. Just as long as CBS doesn’t boneheadedly shift Julie Chen over from Big Brother. Note to self: I don’t need to see that!

Who would you hire as the next Jeff Probst?