Did you stare transfixed in slack-jawed astonishment, or were you compelled to gouge your eyes out with a shrimp fork rather than watch another minute?

Either would have been an acceptable response to this morning’s Martha, in which guest star Diddy (near left) taught Martha Stewart (far left) to rap while she taught him to wrap. Sure, they’re both wealthy lifestyle moguls, but they’re still from different planets, as ”M. Diddy” demonstrated with her own rap that opened the show, and as Diddy demonstrated later when he gave a line-by-line translation of the jargon-laden lyrics of ”All About the Benjamins” into equally unintelligible English.

If you missed it (and if you miss tonight’s repeat at 6 p.m. on TLC), blogger Mr. Irreverent live-blogged the episode. Blogger Telepyronetic went one better and actually attended the taping. Jossip has some screen grabs. Some more trenchant reactions from the blogosphere are here and here. Sample comment: ”I think hell has frozen over, cats and dogs will lay together, and this rain is all part of a giant flood.”

addCredit(“Martha Stewart: Frank Franklin II/AP; Diddy: Jim Cooper/AP”)