Does Jon Heder do bar mitzvahs? Seems like the actor will don his fright wig and reprise his role as Napoleon Dynamite (near left) for any occasion — the MTV Movie Awards, the Utah state fair, and now, a software developers’ conference in Los Angeles. Shown at the gathering was a video promoting Microsoft’s upcoming version of Office, in which Heder’s character takes over the reins of Microsoft from Bill Gates (far left) after beating him in a slap-off. Sweet!

Apparently, this is the same video shown at an earlier digital technology conference in May hosted by the Wall Street Journal, which describes the sketch as containing a scene where Gates swipes tater tots from Napoleon’s plate, and another where a bicycling Napoleon pulls the Rollerblading mogul behind him on a tow line. (Gates on skates!)

Will someone please let us know when this video leaks onto the Web?

addCredit(“Bill Gates: Robert Sorto/AP Photo”)