Don’t think any good can come from a celebrity feud? Think again.

Sure, the fur is flying between pop divas Pink (near left) and Jennifer Lopez (far left) — according to, Pink referred to Lopez as ”J. Bitch” while accepting a humanitarian award from PETA over the weekend — but without this momentous melee, PopWatch might never have brainstormed the idea for ”Fun With Google Image Search.'”

Seriously, why have Pink and J.Lo engage in intellectual debate (too dry!) or put the divas in a steel cage (too scary!), when an effective, pain-free alternative exists over at Google?

Now it’s up to you PopWatch readers: Do the chinchilla-clad pug, blood-splattered paparazzi pic, and Lopez-with-cigar photo yielded from searching “JLo fur” trump the racecars, famous dragon, and funky breakfast plate yielded from searching for “furious Pink”? Weigh in now and let your voice be heard on this urgent matter!

addCredit(“Jennifer Lopez and Pink: AP”)