Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Mr. T (left) has a new reality pilot for TV Land, called (of course) I Pity the Fool, in which he serves as a ”motivational guru” to ordinary slobs. Maybe he could put together a team of lifestyle consultants. Hmm, what could he call them…?

-For those of us who can’t get enough Robot Chicken, Cartoon Network is posting various Adult Swim shows online in their entirety at its Friday Night Fix page.

Tina Fey has a baby, gives it a surprisingly normal name for a celebrispawn (Alice). She and Maya Rudolph are both expected to take maternity breaks from Saturday Night Live this season. No word yet on who’ll co-anchor the fake news alongside Amy Poehler.

Simon Cowell mulls an Idol movie. Did he learn nothing from From Justin to Kelly?

-Two weeks ago, Donald Trump noted that one contestant on Apprentice 4, Alla Wartenberg, is a ”hard as nails” ex-stripper, but he says he didn’t know that she once had a client who, according to court documents unearthed by The Smoking Gun, killed three people in botched robbery attempts at a time when he was paying her from $500 to $1,500 a night to lapdance for him. After that, standing up to back-stabbing corporate wannabes should be a cinch.

-After just three episodes, HBO renews Rome for another season. That gives producers plenty of time to cast Melinda Clarke as Atia’s twin sister.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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