Wondering who’s landed the starring role in the big-screen feature Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills? Here’s a hint: She’s best known for being Unfabulous. Her aunt’s a Pretty Woman. And her dad’s been an MTV staple this year in videos for The Killers and Mariah Carey.

Indeed, 14-year-old Emma Roberts (left, niece of Julia, daughter of Eric, and star of Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous) will portray the popular teen sleuth, who’s actually 75 years old this year, considering the first Nancy Drew novel hit shelves in 1930. (Anyone besides me have fond memories of curling up with The Secret of the Old Clock?)

Of course, if that’s not enough excitement for Emma, she’s also got a CD coming out on Columbia Records this month. I guess I should say ”Congratulations!” but instead, I’ll just say, ”Thanks.” As in, thanks for making me feel like a total slacker, Emma. Sheesh!

addCredit(“Emma Roberts: Mirek Towski/DMI via AP”)