Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, ... | We loved High Fidelity and About a Boy , so what the hell happened with Fever Pitch ? Maybe Jimmy Fallon was the problem. Or…

Fever Pitch, a hokey chick flick, mistakenly courts the audience least likely to be fans of either the Farrelly brothers or baseball, and the result is as watered-down as ballpark beer. Jimmy Fallon’s misguided performance (calling it ”Hanksian,” as Peter Farrelly does in the commentary, is a little insulting — to Colin Hanks!) and his blasphemous intrusion on the field during the 2004 World Series celebration have earned him a level of infamy among Red Sox diehards that was once reserved for Bill Buckner.

EXTRAS To his credit, SNL alum Fallon finally proves he can sustain a scene without cracking up, but the gag reel reveals it wasn’t easy. The gimmicky climax in St. Louis was a last-second whim, as the superstitious Farrellys hadn’t planned for the possibility that their team might actually win, according to the aptly titled ”Making a Scene” doc. Another featurette examines the Sox’s 86-year Curse of the Bambino and the surreal experience of witnessing history: ”It’s like making Pearl Harbor during Pearl Harbor,” Bobby Farrelly said to Peter while filming. Maybe — all’s we know is, the Yankees don’t fare well in either film.

Fever Pitch
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