Looking forward to a season’s worth of Fox’s Kitchen Confidential or CBS’ Threshold? Well, you’d better hope they can find audiences on their own. According to today’s Hollywood Reporter, neither of the promising new series is being deemed a priority by their respective networks’ promotional departments. Instead, the article says, Fox is focusing the bulk of its efforts on Prison Break, Bones, Reunion, and its Sunday-night comedy block that includes the abysmal new The War at Home, while CBS is pushing Close to Home, How I Met Your Mother, and Ghost Whisperer. As for the other two major networks, NBC is betting on E-Ring, My Name Is Earl, and Surface, while ABC is backing Commander in Chief, The Night Stalker, and Invasion, the story says.

While it might seem like a strange strategy to go to the trouble of producing a new series, and then putting that baby in a corner, Vince Manze, president of the in-house marketing arm of NBC Universal says if a network touts ”more than three shows at a top level, you’re probably doing too many.”

Not that being a network’s favorite (or its redheaded stepchild) seals a series’ fate. As producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently told EW while discussing the low-profile hit Cold Case: ”Networks pick a few shows to promote heavily. We weren’t one of them. But that changes. Look what happened with the first season of CSI — they were promoting The Fugitive.”

Phew. Good to know. As someone who literally yelped with fright during the Threshold pilot, I’m just hoping history repeats itself. Which new network series are you looking forward to? And how do you feel about their level of network support?