editor1 (3:13:26 PM): OMG! I saw The O.C.‘s Julie Cooper on Rome last night. It seems those rich people can even travel through time.
editor2 (3:13:51 PM): Um, actually, that’s not the same character.
editor1 (3:14:31 PM): Are you sure? Both have teenage daughters that hate their guts. Both are filthy rich and out of touch with everyday people. And both will do anything to “protect” their daughters…and themselves. Julie Cooper? Atia of the Julii? Conicidence?
editor2 (3:14:44 PM): Hmmm, maybe you’re on to something! Come to think of it, The O.C. could use a ratings spike with a “very special episode” involving brain surgery without anesthesia down at the country club.
editor1 (3:16:29 PM): Or on Rome, Atia could discover she has an older sister she never knew who lives in Chino. They’ve both got the cat eyes and the red hair!
editor1 (3:16:58 PM): Oooo, better yet, Julie could be the reincarnation of Atia! Yes! Welcome to the B.C., bitch!
editor2 (3:17:44 PM): Y’know, to be on the safe side, I’m going to IMDB The O.C.‘s Melinda Clarke (above left) and Rome‘s Polly Walker (above right) just to see if they’ve ever been in the same movie together. Maybe they’re just the same actress, using two names to get more work.
editor2 (3:19:22 PM): Aha! Looks like they’ve never crossed paths on a TV or movie set. Somebody call The Enquirer!