Chris Rock
Credit: Chris Rock: Adam Rountree/AP

Consensus about this weekend’s televised concerts for Katrina relief seems to be that ”Shelter from the Storm” (the one that aired on virtually every channel) was staid and somber, BET’s ”SOS (Saving OurSelves)” was loose and political, and MTV”s sprawling, four-hour-plus ”ReAct Now: Music and Relief” was unfocused and all over the place.

Which of the three telethons do PopWatch readers think offered the best music? Who gave the best performances? (Randy Newman? Mary J. Blige and U2? Alicia Keys? Patti LaBelle? Aaron Neville? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Fiona Apple? Buckwheat Zydeco? Audioslave?)

Also, what do readers think of Chris Rock’s offhand jabs at Kanye West (”George Bush hates midgets” and ”George Bush hates albinos”)? Funny? Inappropriate?

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