Mos Def and other rappers have been quick to write Katrina-inspired tracks. On Mos Def’s ”Katrina Klap,” the rapper blasts not only President Bush but also Bono, for spending more time trying to alleviate poverty in Africa than in America. (Um, last I checked, U2 performed at two of this weekend’s three telethons. Doesn’t that count?)

Matthew McConaughey, whose own relief efforts in the ravaged areas were shown on Oprah last week, blogs about the experience at Oprah’s website, complete with photos.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Jimmy Smits, Andy Garcia, Arturo Sandoval, and a delegation of Latino stars plan a relief trip today to the Gulf Coast to distribute supplies and urge people to donate blood.

-The cast of Lost gathered in Honolulu on Saturday to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans to benefit hurricane relief. ”We have the good fortune to play people in a desperate situation but feel compelled to help those in a real desperate situation,” said Harold Perrineau Jr. (who plays Michael) to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. ”We only understand a small amount of what they must be going through, because every day we all get to go home.”

-Logistics have forced the cancellation of the Warped and Taste of Chaos tour organizers’ ”Unite the United” benefit concert scheduled for next month, but they’ll be holding a silent auction instead at They’ll also donate 50 cents from each ticket sold on their 2006 tours, which should amount to an estimated $450,000.