100°F Transporter 2 zooms to a $20.1 million bow, raising Jason Statham’s star. And hopefully Matthew Modine’s, too.

80°F Just months after her Brad Pitt sit-down, divorce mediator Diane Sawyer bags an exclusive with Jennifer Aniston.

60°F Over at NBC, Tom Brokaw successor Brian Williams proves his anchor mettle during coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

40°F The L.A. DA’s office wants tougher penalties against stalkerazzi. Before angry celebs get into any more fender benders.

20°F Donald Trump to sing the Green Acres theme at the Emmys. Now will someone tell him ”You’re fired” before it’s too late?

0°F It’s official: With box office revenues down 9%, summer movie attendance fell 11% to its lowest level since 1997.