STP rates two ballplayers' new versions of 'Plush.' EW asks two band members to umpire on Jeff Conine and Branson Arroyo recordings

Even though the quartet has disbanded, the Stone Temple Pilots legacy lives on in baseball dugouts nationwide. Both the Boston Red Sox’s Bronson Arroyo and Florida Marlins’ Jeff Conine recorded versions of STP’s grunge anthem ”Plush” for recent CD releases. ”I’m totally flattered that these guys did our song,” says former Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo. Adds his brother (and ex-STP guitarist) Dean DeLeo: ”It brings a whole new meaning to stepping up to the plate.” But are these covers fair or foul? The DeLeos weigh in.

ON THE FIELD: Marlins left fielder sings on the charity compilation Oh Say Can You Sing? (Good Sports), alongside a handful of current and former major-league players.

SCOUTING REPORT: ”There’s a flat note in the pre-chorus and chorus of this one. It bends the ear a bit,” says Robert. ”I’m surprised the producer didn’t catch that…. Maybe Tommy Lasorda was behind the boards?”

FINAL SCORE: Besides that one error, the DeLeos agree that Conine connects solidly. ”I like the slide guitar solo, it’s a nice touch,” says Dean.

ON THE FIELD: Boston Red Sox starting pitcher, who recorded an entire album of his rock & roll favorites, Covering the Bases (Asylum).

SCOUTING REPORT: ”Technically speaking, this is a really good vocal performance,” says Robert, who offers a possible tip as to why: ”Getting on the mound in front of 40,000 people is pretty intense and vulnerable. So is being a vocalist.”

FINAL SCORE: A home run! ”I’m favoring Arroyo’s version more — feel-wise and technically speaking,” says Robert. ”Well done, man.”