Sister act Smoosh show indie kids how it's done. Asya's 13, Chloe's 11, and they've already played with Pearl Jam and Sleater-Kinney

Their tongues a radioactive orange from swigging sodas, Seattle indie-pop duo Smoosh gush over toddlers kicking a ball on a Brooklyn soccer field. ”Awww,” they coo. ”They’re so cute!” Which is precisely the reaction singer-keyboardist Asya, 13, and her sister, drummer Chloe, 11, get themselves. Nurtured by Chloe’s music teacher (and current Death Cab for Cutie drummer) Jason McGerr, Smoosh, who’ve been a band for five years, have earned a sizable cult following and opening spots for Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney, and Rilo Kiley on the strength of their bouncy, self-penned debut, She Like Electric. Last night they enjoyed one last hurrah (one well past their bedtime), playing at New York’s Bowery Ballroom with Sufjan Stevens — before heading home for school. But first, Asya and Chloe joined EW to ruminate on having the coolest extracurricular activity of all time.

You were up until 3:30 a.m. Do you have a regular bedtime?
CHLOE: Well, for schooltime we do. Last year, when I used to be in elementary school, I hated it when our dad was like, ”Hey, guys, 9:45. You have to go to bed.”
ASYA: That was because if we went to bed late, we’d be crabby.

So were you crabby this morning?
C: Me and Asya were fighting in the bathroom, brushing our teeth. I’m so glad I’m not my dad: He had to bring in all the stuff from the car that might get stolen.

Do your friends ever go to your shows?
A: Sometimes. They think it’s their night out and dress all rockstarish. But we don’t really have young fans because they don’t appreciate our style of music. We mostly have old fans. [Looks at the EW writer] Well, not old.
C: Some kids at school pretend they hate my band. There’s this guy — I hate it when guys act immature — he’s really ugly and stuff and used to have a crush on me, um, and used to be mean: ”I bet you’re missing school tomorrow, ’cause of your stupid band.”

Is it weird that your drum teacher’s band is big on The O.C.?
C: If [Seth Cohen] liked us, I’d be sooo happy.
A: We don’t have cable, so it’s hard to watch The O.C. Terrible signals.
C: I don’t know if I should say this, but I used to not like Death Cab. I mean, I liked the people, but not the sound of their music. Now they’re one of my favorite bands…. We used to be crazy for Hanson. We were tomboys: I wanted to be Zac, and Asya wanted to be Taylor. [Laughs] Now Asya always reminds me of Taylor.