Meet Bruno Campos, the new face on ''Nip/Tuck.'' As Dr. Quentin Costa, the actor will ''menage'' to fit in


No one feels desirable after seven hours of feigning sex. So when the clock struck 1 a.m. on the set of Nip/Tuck last month and actor Bruno Campos still hadn’t completed his raunchy romp with three (!!) costars, he hit a breaking point. ”We were doing our best!” he recalls. ”I asked the director, ‘Honestly, is this necessary?”’

It is — especially if the 31-year-old expects to fit in as Nip/Tuck‘s Dr. Quentin Costa. Briefly introduced last season as a cranial facial expert, Costa joins the practice to help out while Christian recovers. ”Since a lot of the conflict comes out of the fact that Christian and Sean are opposites, all of a sudden I’m this third element who embodies that opposition,” explains Campos, best known for playing Christina Applegate’s boyfriend for two seasons on NBC’s Jesse. ”He’s a twin to both — a bizarre twin.”

Not to mention a rather promiscuous one. ”Quentin sleeps with men, he sleeps with women,” says creator Ryan Murphy, who first met Campos after casting him in the failed WB pilot More in 2001. (Campos was originally up for the role of Christian Troy, but Murphy decided the Brazilian actor was too young.) ”You’ve never seen bisexuality explored in prime time. I wanted him to be unapologetic, like ‘Yeah, so what?”’

Campos’ character will be in randy company this season: Jessalyn Gilsig becomes a regular, Boston Legal‘s Rhona Mitra recurs as a detective who participates in a three-way with Christian, while Anne Heche joins for three episodes as a patient who romances Sean. ”I was looking forward to [joining the show],” admits Campos. ”I’m sure when Dylan and Julian did the pilot they were going, Oh s—! But I’ve watched this show, so I was dying to dive in.” Just maybe not for seven hours straight.

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