EW chats with ''Weeds'' Kevin Nealon. Former ''SNL'' star talks about maturity, munchies, and what makes a good CPA

Since his stint on Saturday Night Live, Kevin Nealon has not exactly been a household name. Then — poof! — he’s everywhere: in a Fat Actress cameo, playing a sleazy record producer; as one of roughly 100 comics telling a very nasty joke in The Aristocrats; and, most hilariously, as the marijuana-puffing CPA Doug on Showtime’s new ”comma drama” Weeds.

You aren’t stoned right now, are you?
I don’t smoke pot, but I am this grown-up, irresponsible kid, like Doug. He has to make a lot of decisions between doing what he wants and doing what he needs to do — I’m a lot like that.

So no munchies?
I do have the same behavioral traits as someone who smokes. I get the munchies around three in the afternoon. I’ll go shopping, and I’ll start off with the cookies. I’ll get a package of Pepperidge Farm’s double chocolate Milanos, and more often than not, the bag will be finished before I get to the checkout. Pepperidge Farm at three, then Wheat Thins at nine, and possibly cereal — Grape-Nuts, soy milk, and berries — right before bed.

What’s the prop used in place of pot?
It’s some herbal thing. Justin Kirk, my smoking buddy on the show, and I actually feel light-headed from smoking it. Lethargic. It adds to the acting.

Did you discover the dark underbelly of the accounting world while researching this role?
I spent a lot of time talking to my CPA. Doug is a really good accountant; he just has other flaws. But at this point, they haven’t inhibited his work. He and the other characters on the show are shocking but also funny. The funny comes from how complicated these people are.

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