Checking in with...Richard Lewis. Comedian finds his new ''Concerts From Hell'' DVD a (constantly) moving experience

Concerts from Hell: The Vintage Years

With the release of his seminal Concerts From Hell: The Vintage Years, the premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s fifth season (HBO, Sept. 25),and the love of a woman who accepts him (he wed for the first time in January), the 58-year-old Prince of Pain is finally happy. Or he was, until we phoned.

So you’re over Bartlett’s not acknowledging that you popularized the phrase (blank) from hell.
I actually don’t go to therapy that often anymore, but it’s the only issue I never brought up. I’d like to think I’m over it, but it bugs the hell out of me. I just got a letter from an attorney friend of mine, and it was a seminar ad that said, ”Make sure you don’t get into the real estate dealings from hell.” Not a month goes by where people don’t send me these clippings — for the last 25 years.

Are you pacing right now?
You’re very intuitive. I’m literally pacing like some wildlife with a skullcap on.

Well, you did pace throughout the entire 90-minute interview on the extras.
Did you see the set they gave me? They didn’t have to make it look like some kind of Osmond special in Hawaii, but it was just the opposite. I felt like I was getting ready to be assassinated. I got paranoid and just kept on the run. But now I’m in my home in Hollywood, and I’m still pacing. That’s the beauty of being me. I could feel like a mess anywhere.

Concerts from Hell: The Vintage Years
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