Hard to believe, but King of the Hill is quietly about to begin its 10th season on Sept. 18. Creator Mike Judge tells the New York Post he believes this season will be the show’s last. ”I think 10 [seasons] is a good, round number,” he says. Judge also talks about the show’s legacy: ”At a time when TV was constantly trying to shock everybody all the time, we had a show that was kind of a quiet hit and was portraying normal, unhip middle-Americans with dignity — instead of just making fun of them in a crass way.” Um, maybe Judge has forgotten early episodes like the one about Hank’s colonoscopy, but his point is well taken.

The show is such a barometer of middle-American life that North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley uses Hank Hill fans as a political focus group. Says the governor: ”This is only the second show that’s a comedy about the South — this and Andy Griffith — that doesn’t make fun of Southerners.” With King of the Hill giving way to animated network comedies Family Guy and American Dad, that respite from crassness and condescension is apparently over.

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