Celebrity response keeps pouring in for Hurricane Katrina’s victims, and while I’ve got to admit to occasionally feeling overwhelmed by all the coverage (both hard news and entertainment-related), I keep reminding myself it’s important this story stays in the headlines and doesn’t get buried beneath, say, the latest on Paris Hilton’s wedding plans. Here’s the latest:

-As if I didn’t already have a million reasons to love her, Kathy Griffin is auctioning off a night as her guest at Kelly Clarkson’s Vegas concert this weekend, donating the proceeds to hurricane relief.

-Jared Leto interrupted (warning: contains profanity) his band 30 Seconds to Mars’ performance last night on Late Night With Conan O’Brien for three seconds of silent tribute to Katrina victims. (Thanks to Defamer for the heads up.)

-Jamie Foxx made quite an impression on one New Orleans evacuee when he visited displaced folks at Houston’s astrodome. ”He was so fine. I was just wishing he could have took me home with him,” said Venus Junius. Good to see people are keeping their senses of humor (or lust) in tact.

-While tomorrow’s Shelter for the Storm telethon concert airing on all six networks is only an hour long, fundraising efforts will kick off on the station’s morning news shows.

Of course, the controversy over sluggish Katrina relief efforts hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood types.

The Daily Show had a particularly scathing take on the situation last night, while Jeannette Walls reports that Michael Moore is considering helming a Katrina documentary.

-And Kinks frontman Ray Davies, who was shot last year in New Orleans while chasing the mugger who robbed his girlfriend, writes in the Times of London that the city’s descent into a disaster zone shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise.