Anyone who watched hip-hopper Ryan Conferido following his freaky freestyle performance on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance has got to be wondering: Does the kid want to be eliminated from the show? Indeed, as hostbot Lauren Sanchez read the toll-free number viewers could call to vote for Ryan, the spiky-haired contestant appeared to mouth the words ”don’t, don’t” and then mime hanging up a telephone.

Perhaps he was only joking. Maybe it was a failed attempt at reverse psychology. Or, more likely, Ryan simply couldn’t handle judge Mia Michaels’ truth when she compared his feet to ”two dead fish.” Whatever his logic, if Ryan wants off the show that badly, I say adios! The kid can do an amazing headspin, but as judge Nigel Lythgoe noted, his foxtrot would’ve made Astaire weep — and not in a good way.