-Aptly enough, Martha Stewart (far left) has announced that the first guest on her live daytime show, Martha, which debuts on Monday, will be the actress whose TV character most represents Stewart-esque values: Desperate Housewives‘ Marcia Cross (left). Also due next week is Martha’s tete-a-tete with fellow lifestyle mogul Diddy: ”Combs joins Martha to teach her the fine art of ‘rapping’ while Stewart demonstrates her own special version of ‘wrapping’ both with food and packages.”

Scott Baio is taking over Henry Winkler’s job as the Bluth family lawyer on Arrested Development because Winkler will have his hands full as Stockard Channing’s ex-husband on new CBS sitcom Out of Practice. In other words, Chachi is taking over for Fonzie because Fonzie will be too busy wrangling with Rizzo.

-What if Comedy Central replaced the AWOL Dave Chappelle with Sarah Silverman? The result might be something like this offensive but hilarious sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Link via TVTattle.)

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