Haven’t yet picked up the new Vanity Fair, which hits newsstands today, but FishbowlNY provides a sneak of the magazine’s annual ”New Establishment” power ranking of the top 50 leaders of the Information Age. Now, Entertainment Weekly has its own long-established annual Power List (look for the 2005 list next month), so you can chalk up my carping to self-promotional boosterism if you like, but check out the list and see if you don’t agree with Fishbowl and me that this list looks out-of-touch. The Google execs on top? The CEO of Wal-Mart at No. 2? Sumner ”I’m splitting my company in two” Redstone at No. 3? No one at all from the worlds of music, save Steve Jobs (sorta), in the top 40? Chart rankings for ousted Miramax co-chair Harvey Weinstein and Tom Hanks (yes, I know he’s greenlit about 20 projects as a producer for the next couple years, but not even his name attached could pull people in to see Connie and Carla)? Who’s on your power list?