-Elijah Wood (left) as Iggy Pop. Ain’t It Cool News (warning: link contains profanity) is as skeptical as I am about this one, but what if that’s really what Wood is hinting at in the interview mentioned here? I think Ewan McGregor already played the definitive Iggy Pop as ”Curt Wild” in Velvet Goldmine, but while Wood is about the last person I’d cast as the feral punk legend, he’s also the last person I would have cast as a soccer hooligan.

-Tilda Swinton as Nico. Again, sounds like the ink is far from dry, judging by this Dark Horizons report. Still, if anyone is pale and ethereal enough to play the art-rock chanteuse, it’s Swinton.

-George Clooney in another Coen Brothers comedy. I haven’t read the new Vogue for Men — hell, I can’t even lift it — but it supposedly mentions this project, the third in the what the Coens call their ”idiot triology” trilogy, after O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Intolerable Cruelty (since Clooney plays/will play a fool in all three). Called Hail, Caesar!, it’s supposedly about a Shakespeare troupe in the 1920s staging a production of Julius Caesar, not about the haircut Clooney popularized on ER. (FilmForce, the source of this item, thought of that joke too.)

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