Bob Denver, who passed away Friday at age 70 of complications from cancer treatment, will, of course, be remembered for his TV role as one of a group of castaways who experiences wacky adventures while trying fruitlessly to get home.

But enough about Far Out Space Nuts. (Don’t remember that one? It was one of those trippy Saturday morning Krofft shows from the ’70s, with Denver and Chuck McCann playing NASA janitors who accidentally launch themselves into space.)

Yes, he was Gilligan, but he should also be remembered for his equally indelible comic creation from The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (as Maynard G. Krebs, TV’s most memorable beatnik, Denver played Jughead to Dwayne Hickman’s Archie). Plus we should remember him for his humanitarianism. Besides helping the handicapped (as his survivors are urging mourners to do, via Denver’s foundation), he also stuck up for Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells, urging that ”the Professor and Mary Ann” be added to the Gilligan theme song instead of ”and the rest.”

Thanks for everything, little buddy.