So, what do Justine Bateman, Jack Black (left), Denzel Washington, Gina Gershon, and Jimmy Stewart have in common?

Here’s the answer we were looking for: They’ve all played “bandleaders” — in Satisfaction, School of Rock, Mo’ Better Blues, Prey for Rock and Roll, and The Glenn Miller Story, respectively.

Because it’s all about leadership, people. And where would the fine, fine female musicians of Satisfaction‘s girl group Mystery be without their fearless leader, Jennie Lee (Bateman)? Um, well, Julia Roberts snagged an Oscar without Mallory’s help, but that’s neither here nor there, is it?

Only four of you recognized the musical connection, but the gold stargoes to Connie Chilton, who went that extra mile and said the magicword: bandleader. Congrats, Connie!

While we have your attention, let’s clear up something. When we ask you to be “creative,” we don’t mean that we just want you to make stuff up. Nevertheless, that’s what most of you wisenheimers did, including those of you who suggested that all five actors a) were descended from Abraham Lincoln; b) have appeared on Broadway; or c) are separated from Kevin Bacon by six degrees. Hardy har-har, PopWatchers!

Beverly Schermerhorn, on the other hand, guessed that they were all born in New Orleans, which would have been very clever and touching and topical of us — had, of course, it been true. But in the absence of verity, we were left with that whole bandleader thing. But had Beverly’s answer been true, that would be the kind of creativity we’d be looking for. Got it?

Look for more adventures in babysitting on Friday. We’ve got a doozy for you this week. Gauntlet thrown!