Ralph Macchio
Credit: Ralph Macchio: Jennifer Graylock/AP

Now that Entourage is over for the season, it’s time to evaluate the show’s uncanny ability to line up sweet celebrity cameos. Some were trenchant comments on where the celebs themselves (as well as the fictional Vince and crew) fit into the Hollywood food chain; others were surprisingly pointless and irrelevant. Herewith, our 10 favorites — and a few we weren’t so crazy about.

(Note: We’ve only included stars playing fictionalized versions of themselves, so as much as we all loved Malcolm McDowell’s Terrance, he doesn’t make the cut.)

The Best

Vanessa Angel: Loved the basic-cable starlet’s drama with Drama at Comic-con.

Gary Busey: Was he even acting? Scary.

James Cameron: The long-AWOL director restores his position as King of the World.

Peter Dinklage: A good sport for showing up in the Sundance episode, especially after Ari dissed The Station Agent earlier in the season.

Ralph Macchio (above): Hey, it’s good just to see him, apparently unchanged from his Karate Kid days.

Chris Penn: If someone’s going to deliver a butt-kicking to an actor’sbrother, who better than Sean Penn’s brother to do the job?

Saigon: Yes, he’s a real rising rapper, and he’ll owe a huge debt to Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) if his career takes off.

Bob Saget: Along with his appearance in The Aristocrats, his cameo here was apparently designed to end his family-friendly Full House image once and for all.

Richard Schiff: Where has the West Wing-er been lately? Waiting for Ari (Jeremy Piven) to land him an action role — ha!

Pauly Shore: Funny twice! Especially in the finale, where he gets his revenge against Drama (Kevin Dillon).

The Worst

Dr. Joyce Brothers: She’ll cameo anywhere, even in the supermarket.

Melinda Clarke: Yes, I got the in-joke of her O.C.-like role as Terrance’s trophy wife, but I wish she’d been allowed to do something with it.

Devon, Jesse Jane, and Teagan: Something tells me that in real life,these three porn stars wouldn’t give the real-life Harry Knowles thetime of day, no matter how noble the cause.

Mandy Moore: Others have pointed out how much her Yoko act sapped the boys’ energy, but that would have been true no matter who had played the object of Vince’s obsession. But Mandy Moore? She was cute and sweet but awfully bland. If only she’d showed another side of herself, like her deliciously nasty role in Saved.

Amanda Peet: Another sharp-witted actress given nothing to do but stand around awkwardly.

U2: I love U2, but how superfluous was their birthday shout-out to Drama?