MOVIES Director Kenneth Lonergan can count on X-Men‘s Anna Paquin in his new ensemble drama Margaret (in addition to Matt Damon and Lonergan favorite Mark Ruffalo). ”I play a 17-year-old New York private school student who is involved in a bus accident that kills a woman,” says Paquin. ”My character then carries an enormous amount of guilt and tries to get justice served, but it doesn’t work out that well.”… Channeling his inner Willy Wonka, Dustin Hoffman will play an eccentric toy shop owner who bequeaths his magical playland to sourpuss Natalie Portman in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium…. Sometime director Emilio Estevez (credits include episodes of CSI: NY and Cold Case) has persuaded Anthony Hopkins to topline and produce Bobby, his long-gestating RFK ensemble drama…. Murder is in the cards for Chloë Sevigny, who will join Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac, gloom-meister director David Fincher’s take on the infamous San Francisco serial killer.

TV New 24 addition Sean Astin is such a fan of the show, he watched all three seasons on DVD in nearly one sitting. That’s longer than back-to-back viewings of the Lord of the Rings trilogy! ”I put in those red-eye drops and stopped to go to the bathroom and eat occasionally, but was totally addicted,” says Astin, who cryptically reveals that his character is ”brought in to oversee a lot of the activities of CTU.” Specifics, please! ”Until I know the culture of the show a little better, I can’t say anything.” Sigh. Any upcoming film roles, then? ”I play the swim instructor of Adam Sandler’s kids [in the comedy Click]. And my wife and I just made our third baby, Isabella Louise.” Awww…Who can turn Wisconsin on with her smile? Mary Tyler Moore! And this time, the former WMJ-TV producer gets to be the Ted Baxter: Moore plays a newscaster and new boss to Jackie (Mila Kunis) on three episodes of the Fox sitcom That ’70s Show. ”She’s very popular and everybody feels quite affectionate toward her, but it turns out that she is anything but friendly,” says Moore. Plus, ”I’m told [the show] will be done on Stage 2, which is where we shot The Mary Tyler Moore Show, so it’ll be fun to be there. Either that, or it will be devastating in that I’ll be so homesick.”